Excerpts reproduced with kind permission of Custom Car magazine

Mark Brazier-Jones is a hot rodder, in as much as he’s built a couple of hot rods in his time, but first and foremost he’s a furniture designer, which makes him in my eyes a maverick rodder, one who has entirely his own frames of reference and no requirement to follow any of rules.  That was borne out by his other hot rod, which he describes as “a notion of a Model A DeVille” and which he drove 1,200 miles from Shanghai to Beijing on The Jewel That is China Tour in 2009, and stole the thunder in the company of priceless coach built classics.  He also took it round the dirt track at the Hayride and parked it up on the show field at Billing.  Most people didn’t get it, but Paul Burnham did.  Or at least was suitably intrigued by it.